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VERGINA’S RESTLESS ROYALTYIn one-day journeys out from Thessaloniki, visitors can discover important nearby sites.

Vergina (Aigai), the original capital of ancient Macedonia, was eclipsed by Pella around the end of the 5th century BC and became a royal summer retreat, an elite burial ground and the scene of Philip II’s assassination in 336 BC – when the king was slain by a disgruntled bodyguard/lover in the old palace’s small theater.

These included his silver diadem, gold-and-wood scepter and personal armor, consisting especially of a distinctive iron, battle-damaged helmet and a chryselephantine shield depicting Achilles slaying the Amazon queen Penthesilea.

Manolis Andronikos’ discovery of these elegant tombs and their rich furnishings in 1977 – one of which contained the remains of Philip II – has had much the same impact on Greek archaeology and history as Heinrich Schliemann’s formative late-19th-century revelations concerning the Bronze-Age kings of Mycenae.South-west France Dating Site · Sojuz Apollo's photo I'm Gary, I am a Happy person, % loyal, honest, trustworthy, very romantic and a silly sence of humour. Aimer World is % Free Online Dating Site France, France chatting, France Girls, France Chat Rooms. From Kjustendil the trail continues towards Blagoevgrad.Heading east, you can already see the foothills of the Rila Mountains on the horizon and shortly after Nevestino you cross the Kadin Bridge, 100 metres in length, over the river Struma.

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